Casino Cerise is a casino in the city of Cerise, France.

Casino Cerise Review Casino Cerise is a new online casino that has just launched. Cerise is a rather, well, cerise casino, to put it mildly. For the fact, cerise is a vibrant deep red color, and there is no denying that this site is just dripping with the hue. Additionally, it has some purple and pink hues as well as black and cream and a variety of other colors that do not blend well with cerise. Rather than complementing one another, the remaining sections of this website have been compelled to work together in an unholy alliance.

When it comes to the design of Casino Cerise, certain components, such as the header and the featured photographs are fairly good, but other features, such as the obnoxious Times New Roman font that has been used in a few places, are cheap and tacky. There is something – or, more accurately, a number of things – about this website that simply doesn’t seem right. That is not to imply that the site is malicious, but it does not seem to be in the proper format, to put it another way.

The Casino Cerise Facts and Figures

The Casino Cerise website is not the most user-friendly of sites. That is the very first thing you should be aware of while dealing with it. The discreet menu at the bottom of the homepage may be accessed by clicking on a little downward-pointing arrow sign if you’re looking for additional information about this website. Some of the links, on the other hand, are functional on this page. For example, the link to the About page is no longer functioning properly.

You may just just make out the little writing verifying that Casino Cerise was formed in 2014 and is owned by a business known as QuotaPartners if you screw up your eyes and gaze really carefully at the bottom right of the screen, which is what I did. They are based in Curacao, which is an exceptionally popular gaming hotspot and, it should be mentioned, is also the most straightforward jurisdiction in the world to get a gaming license from (see below). When it comes to customer service, the only option that seems to be available is live chat. Casino Cerise is offered in around ten different languages, including Portuguese, Norwegian, and French, among others.

Bonuses that shine brightly

The first time you make a deposit at Casino Cerise, you will be eligible to get a 250 percent bonus worth up to €500 in cash. Deposits may be made in both pounds and dollars via the website. If you deposit €100, for example, you will get a total of €350 in bonus funds to use as you see fit. For high rollers, there are also further deposit bonuses and cashback available, but the only way to find out for certain is by sending an email to the address that is listed on the promos website. No player would go out of their way to contact an online casino in order to find out what kind of bonuses are offered, if any at all. It’s a mystery why they can’t just include this information on their promotional page, which is where it belongs.

Only one additional promotion is currently available, which is a late-night bonus that offers players the chance to get a 150 percent bonus or 50 percent bonus insurance on any deposit of €30 or more. This campaign is meant to continue throughout the night, although it is not defined when it will begin and end. The promotional website of Casino Cerise also mentions a daily lottery, which is open to any player who has made a deposit in the last 24 hours and has not yet been disqualified from participating. Five players will be selected at random and will have the opportunity to win extra cash worth up to €2,500. There are also tournaments and contests held on a daily and monthly basis. Sign up for Casino Cerise’s email newsletter to learn more about this and other promotions.

a scarcity of banking information

There will, without a doubt, be deposit alternatives accessible at Casino Cerise, but good luck figuring out what they will be. On the site, there is absolutely no information regarding this, or at least none that can be gained without being signed in. There isn’t even a payment provider logo at the bottom of the webpage to offer any idea of what deposit or withdrawal alternatives may be available to you. This website’s flaws become more obvious the more time you spend on the site. There are several issues with Casino Cerise, not just from a design viewpoint, but also from a user experience (UX) one.

Points for Loyalty

Comp points are offered by Casino Cerise, as is the case with many other online casinos, as a way of rewarding players for their loyalty. These points may be accumulated and then redeemed for credit at a later time. If you earn 250 points, you will be eligible to get €1 in playing credits. A greater rate for comps may be available if you are an elite member of the VIP program. Casino Cerise’s comp point incentive program has many tiers, each with its own set of benefits. All players begin at the Green level and progress through the ranks as their playing experience grows.

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